Apocalypse Quest Slot Review

Apocalypse Quest Slot Review (RTP 96.10%) GameArt

Are you curious about this Apocalypse Quest slot review? With the way things have been going in 2020, the post-apocalyptic genre is getting more attention than ever, along with a fair dose of jokes about it and what the remainder of the year has in store. 

GameArt’s Apocalypse Quest is one of the new games that has a darker tone to it, which the makers have noticed. Of course, just because the world is ending doesn’t mean you can’t still make money, and the game allows you to do just that.

A Brief of Apocalypse Quest Slot Review

In a slot machine with 5×3 reels and 243 ways to win, such as Apocalypse Quest, forming winning combinations is a breeze. 

The game’s top feature may pay out wins of up to 1,000x ($250,000), and it’s deemed highly unpredictable, despite the fact that the benefits don’t seem to justify the risk. 

We’re happy with the game’s average returns, which are 96.10% RTP. Wilds, free spins, and Apocalypse Respins are among the game’s features.

1. Wagering Options

Your wagers will necessitate a large number of coins, 50 of which will be used in a setting with 243 ways to win. As a result, each spin costs between $0.50 and $250, with coin values ranging from $0.01 to $5.

The payouts don’t appear to be all that enticing, especially considering the expected high volatility. The slot’s fixed jackpots can pay out up to 1,000 times your bet, or $250,000, with the Grand version being the best. 

Regular winning combinations pay out at most 1x the stake per line and up to 243x in total, which is exactly what you’d expect from a low-volatility game.

Aside from the disappointing rewards, we discovered that the game has a 96.10% RTP, which suggests that everything works out in the end, most likely thanks to the features present.

2. Game Features

Despite its flaws, there is one aspect of Apocalypse Quest that we like: the manner its elements are designed. They’re intriguing, and they’re made to follow the topic in their own unique way, which may be entertaining.

Apocalypse Respins

One of the key features in this one is Apocalypse Respins, which you’ll earn whenever the Hero symbols appear on 6 or more locations at the same time. Because these are scatters, their position is irrelevant.

Because the usual symbols have been gone, the only symbols left on the reels are the triggering Hero icons, which are turned into Nemesis icons. 

Hero and Nemesis

Only Hero and Nemesis icons, as well as blank positions, are visible in the next three respins. When Hero symbols emerge, they are changed into Nemesis, who will either award prizes or name one of the three lower-value fixed jackpots. 

If a Hero symbol appears, the awards are collected and the respins are re-started, with three respins remaining.

Grand Jackpot

To win the top prize, the Grand Jackpot, you must cover all 15 positions with Nemesis symbols at the end of the game.

You can get 9 free spins by hitting scatter symbols, which are symbols that are identified as such and feature representations of the female character. 

This feature can be triggered if three of these symbols appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. You’ll only get three more free spins if you retrigger it with the same three scatters.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite feature, because not only are those free spins completely free, but they also use only high-value symbols. All of the low-value symbols have been removed from the reels.

Because you have fewer symbols to deal with, winning combinations are easier to come up with, and they’re also more valuable. Unfortunately, even at the top places, the value of the symbols in this game is fairly low, but the feature is still a lot more profitable than the original game.

There’s one additional symbol, a Wild with a logo that you can use as a replacement for regular symbols when they’re in need of a boost.

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3. Theme and Design

The Mad Max-style design, complete with modified quad bikes and a hint of steampunk, is fantastic, and we adore the game’s visuals. 

There are various prominent characters, including a Hero, Nemesis, and Scatter (female character), as well as the Wild logo, among the symbols. Two quad bikes, explosives, a crossbow, and four low-value card suites are among the regular symbols.

Final Words

This game can be a lot of fun to play at best slot gacor site, and I’d think its features and aesthetics play a big part in that. Even though the RTP for it is a very healthy 96.10%, we’re not big fans of its blend of rewards and volatility.

It’s not the type of slot machine we’d expect to make a large splash in the business, but it could be entertaining for some of its players, if only for the theme. Well, that is our Apocalypse Quest slot review for your guide. 

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