Miner Donkey Trouble Slot Review

Miner Donkey Trouble Slot Review: High Volatile RTP 96.27%

Are you looking for this Miner Donkey Trouble slot review? Here we have! We don’t have to tell you that gold mining is one of the most popular slot deposit pulsa categories. To help distinguish their game from the competition, Swedish developer Play’n GO uses one of comedy’s most popular cliches to add some character. 

Consider Jay and Silent Bob, Rogan and Franco, Wilder and Pryor, Stiller and Owen, or Will Farrell and John C. Reilly’s antiques. Of course, we’re referring to the comedy duo’s wacky antics. 

In a cluster payouts slot titled Miner Donkey Trouble, Play’n GO has gone a step further by making it inter-special, personifying a donkey, and partnering him up with a frantic, yet optimistic old-time gold miner.

Brief of Miner Donkey Trouble Slot Review

The duo is discovered deep beneath, close to a 5×7 grid that spits out 35 diamonds, nuggets, or special symbols with each spin. Both characters appear to be well-known. The miner, since he appears in almost every mining-themed slot ever made, is dressed in a similar costume. 

Picture him with blue jeans, overalls, a neckerchief, a cowboy hat with an upturned brim, and a thick fireman’s mustache. He appears upset at his partner, defiantly standing on the other side of the screen, looking like Donkey from Shrek – but in a rage. This guy isn’t going to make you a lot of waffles.

Volatility and Return to Player

Any device, from cellphones to PCs, can be used to start the nugget hunt. Play’n GO is a master of the grid slot format, and creating mathematical models that fit the features is a big part of their success. 

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We get a highly volatile one in Miner Donkey Trouble, rated 8 out of 10, although it’s a little better balanced than some of their other games to assure great lengthy runs of consecutive victories in between dead/low thrill dips. 

Variable RTPs are used by Play’n GO, with the default in this game being 96.27%. Because RTP can be changed, make sure to read the fine print before choosing a stake between 10p and £/€100 and plunging down the shaft.


When 5 or more matching symbols are adjacently joined, forming a cluster, Miner Donkey Trouble pays out. 

As you will see, doing so earns a reward, activates the cascading winnings mechanism, and contributes to the Donkey Destruction feature. In terms of symbols, there are four low-paying rocks and four high-paying jewels. 

The highest-earning cluster groups consist of 18+ symbols worth 10 to 250 times your bet for the premium group. A mining game mpo slot terbaru wouldn’t be complete without diamonds, and one occurs in the wild. Wilds have no value on their own, but they can be used to complete a cluster by replacing any standard pay symbol.

Game Features

Things start to get more complicated here, with a slew of extra features that add to the game’s richness. Maybe the donkey is irritated because he’s tired of explaining things to the miner? 

In any case, we’ll go over cascading wins, a Donkey Destruction Meter, a Pick-axe Wild feature, Mega Symbols, and free spins in this section.

1. Cascades

The cascades are a common sight. They come into play after each win, removing the winning cluster to allow additional symbols to fall into the gaps, sometimes resulting in many wins from a single spin until no new winners cluster up.

Every win also adds to the Donkey Destruction meter on the left-hand side of the grid, which shows your progress.

2. Golden Nuggets

Keep a watch out for Golden Nuggets, which are worthless and hence do not belong in clusters. 

Golden Nuggets, on the other hand, are removed when they appear on or reach the bottom row of the grid, boosting the win multiplier by one. This multiplier is applied to any subsequent winners before being reset at the beginning of each new paid spin.

3. Miner’s Pick-axe

The Miner’s Pick-axe is another unique symbol that has no meaning and only occurs as part of a cascade of new symbols. They are gathered by means of the Pick-axe Wild feature when they are removed. When a win sequence ends, this feature is triggered, adding 4-10 wilds to the grid in random spots.

4. Mega Symbol

The Mega Symbol feature is then activated at random on non-winning spins or at the end of win sequences. When active, up to two rock, gem, or wild symbols in sizes of 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 overlay the grid.

5. Free Spins

Finally, there are free spins. Only dynamite scatters to enter the game via cascades, and they detonate once all wins have been completed. 

Detonate three of them to receive five free spins, which can be retriggered up to a maximum of 20 times. The action is similar to that of the standard game, with the exception that the win multiplier does not reset between spins.

Final Verdict

That’s a lot to take in, but Play’n GO has developed this online slot machine in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm or bog you down. The cascades flow into features on fine grid slots, activating further extras and eventually leading to free spins. 

Despite the fact that the theme is overdone, Play’n Go makes the most of it with high-quality images, effects, and a touch of humor.

At the end of this pokergalaxy Miner Donkey Trouble slot review, it has pretty much everything you could wish for if you’re a lover of grid slots in general. Its benefits are where it beats out hits like Reactoonz.

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